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Go after your deepest wish!
Creative Expression for Well Being
Labyrinth Walking as Moving Meditation
Connect with your tribe!
Professional Coaching

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Live Your Best Life

Are you seeking creative, spiritual, or mindful experiences? Feeling stuck or at a crossroads in your career or life?
Art and Soul Lab offers Transformative Arts & Healing opportunities for personal and professional expansion.

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Follow your inner compass

Personal & Professional Transformation

Support That Makes a Difference

Do you need accountability to achieve your life goals?


  • Would you like to develop or deepen your spiritual practice? 

  • Do you feel a call to get more creative and embrace your artistic side?

  • Is it time to build your professional toolkit and enhance your skillset. 


With Art and Soul Lab you will experience a variety of transformative arts and healing modalities that give you the tools for success. 


Blossom personally by embracing your authentic nature. Advance professionally through private coaching and group trainings.


In addition to 1-on-1 consultations and group sessions, you can expect dynamic workshops, innovative community events and restful retreats. Connect with like-minded seekers and find your clan, or take personal refuge to reflect inward.



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